Saturday, May 12, 2018  8am - 4:30pm

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Opening Ceremony
American Flag Retirement Ceremony conducted by Cub Scouts
Keynote: Jacob Peters

Breakout Sessions

Clinch State Park Access Points
Appalachian Flora
Western Front Hotel Restoration
Farmers’ Markets—Friends Feeding Friends
VCHEC Power Plant Tour
Comparative Vegetation Within a Floodplain 
“Teach The Clinch” Curriculum Guide
The Social & Natural History of the Clinch River Valley
Students Building Their Communities
Clinch/St. Paul Walk

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The Wetlands Estonoa Learning Center was born as a student initiated, place based, service learning project. It started as the epitome of a school/community project. Once the town's giant mud puddle, Estonoa has transformed into a multi-purpose environmental learning center thanks to student imagination, planning, and sweat equity. 


The Center is an environmental education site that consists of outdoor and indoor classrooms. The vegetative green roof, rain garden, and native Appalachian flora arboretum are complimented by the three-fourth mile walking trail surrounding Wetlands Estonoa. The beautiful, log-sided building offers a large meeting space for environmental education, workshops, and citizen group meetings.


Spring is all but here and will be time to do our annual mulching!  We welcome the APEX student volunteers from St. Joseph's University who joyfully give up their Spring Break to do community service in and around St. Paul! Most would consider it a chore but whenever our friends from SJU are here, every day is a joyous event!

We at Wetlands Estonoa are proud to be part of the bigger picture in southwestern Virginia. Our outdoor classroom extends beyond our wetlands and into the most bio diverse river on the continent.       Read more>

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